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Getting started!


Hi, I guess I best tell you something about myself, but where to start?!
I guess starting now and working backwards would make sense so here goes. . . . . .

I’m in my final year at UCLAN (university of central Lancashire) studying 3D Design and will graduate in 2013!  i guess you could say I am a designer maker?!? but as yet for my final year I am looking at many bricks and trying to figure out which one to pick up and run with!!!! 😀

Last year we had a few interesting projects that we interpreted in our own ways!
One of my favourite projects last year were the Large scale Storage Project.

My large scale storage project was inspired by Edward Maybridge and his study of the horse in motion. Maybridge had looked at many animals in motion and many horses, proving that the horse had all 4 hoof’s of the ground when galloping. I decided to work with his “pacer images” and so my Large scale storage became the “pacer” shelves. I wanted to create a fluid structure that was pleasing to the eye and functional. I think these sheets will help you to understand what it is I produced to Prototype stage.

In Sheet one you see my Inspiration, Maybridges “pacer” captured by Time lapse camera and my Coloured Show Hunter Pony Stallion “Quest”.

In sheet two you see how I picked out one image that I thought I could use and how I developed it to create my “pacer” shelving.

In sheet three you have a visualisation of my shelving installed.


Author: ker916

Studying 3D Design at UCLAN, in my final year, Graduate 2013! I'm 32, single parent of 2, with a mini zoo of animals that keep me as busy as the children do! Interested in reading, drawing, designing, riding my daughters pony (as mine has yet to be backed). Not really computer literate as I am Dyslexic (hence reading is a hobby and a chore!) but i enjoy a challenge!

2 thoughts on “Getting started!

  1. Great start to your blog, brilliant piece! I suggest this is a good start for inspiration again 🙂

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